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Eric Meacock's Story

Recollections of my years on the Board of Governors.

Members meeting  Tunis  Tunisia

On February 17th 1982 I flew to London UK from Perth WA on British Airways flight BA12 departure at 8PM, arriving in London at 10AM 18th via Kuala Lumpa and Muscat, but not permitted to leave the aircraft at either place. Flying over Turkey the mountains were clearly visible and covered with snow, the rest of Europe was under cloud. London was overcast but dry. A quiet day resting and a good sleep was followed by a rather full day obtaining an entry permit from the Tunisian Consulate and searching out some music for Sylvia at Foyles Bookshop which was having industrial trouble. Finally going to Heathrow to board Tunis Air 727 which was crowded with no seat allocation and only 6 rows of non smoking seats. Incident free flight I was met at the Tunis airport and travelled into Tunis and The Africa Hotel in a battered Citroén meeting up with Francis & Janine Maillard, Nicole Morel and Gaston Meunier for dinner. On the 20th the Board discussed arrangements for the Tunis meeting, I was allocated the job of official photographer for the meeting, Nicole will not chair the meeting, I assume due to male domination in Tunisia and Francis being new to the Board and myself with no french, Gaston will preside. The group for dinner attended ‘Du Sud’ restaurant and "grand spectak" (Belly dancers and all).

A well attended meeting , my first address to members in french appeared to be understandable and was well received. I took numerous photographs during the meeting and luncheon. Met the 23 Tunisian members including the countries one and only female Postmaster, some of the members had travelled all night by train up to 700 kilometres to attend and will be all night returning home. Trains in Tunisia are rough…Meunier, Maillard and I spent some time walking for air and visited the ‘Souk’ (local market) in the evening. 23rd the Board members met with Ennaceur Khaldi and Abdelhamid Guerfallah retiring and newly appointed Liaison Officers for lunch together with Mohamed Balma (Director General P & T Tunisia). In the afternoon we again visited the ‘Souk’ and then went by train to Sidi Bou Said, visiting the Post Office and the sights ( very picturesque – white                        houses with blue doors-windows-grilles.)sidibousaid.jpg (77403 bytes)Click on photo to enlarge)

then on to Carthage to see the PO which is in the Emperor’s old palace, very nice and the PM (Mme Nabli) is the ISP female member I mentioned being at the meeting. She took us to the 2nd palace across the street which has been preserved in all its glory along with its ornate gardens. (The emporer’s music box, depicting a belly dancer in gold plate and many other treasures were on display). The mosaic street signs and the avenues of huge palm trees in Cathage are very grand.

23rd we had an early start flying via Algiers to Casablanca Morocco and after a 2˝ hour wait in the airport, where we were joined by Ken Strom who arrived from Geneva,  we all flew on to Marrakesh to be met by the Postmaster and after booking into the Hotel "La Mamounia" we joined the locals for traditional 'mint tea' and biscuits.

Eric Meacock Asia/Australasia Region
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