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VU Notebook Index

The Background pattern for this page is the KERR Family Tartan

This page lists courses taken and provides an index to current course workpages, links and Tables of Exercises etc.

indicating my progress with various Virtual Uni courses from July 2002

3/6/01 VU Notebook HTML Links & added and linked
3/6/01 META Tags added to these pages
12/7/02 Page of exercises for HTML 1 & 2 added and linked
12/8/02 VU Courses taken CSS, JavaScript, Search Engine Secrets, Web Magic Meta Tags
14/1/03 PSP7-Back to Basics, Anfy Filter Fun, PSP7-Movin'On --- TOE & Notebook pages added and linked
--- GIFT Sigs page+ SIG's GALLERY created and linked
NOTE: All sigs in SIG's Gallery are just thumbnail size and should only be viewed in that format as not all files have been loaded
5/3/03 PSP7-Back to Basic;PSP7- Next Steps;PSP7 - Tailgate ---TOE added and linked
26/6/03 PSP8-Explore the World; PSP-"Gourmet Lunch" & PSP7 - Next Steps [Summer 2003 TOE] added and homework pages linked

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